Silver Fox Society Introduction

The Silver Fox Society in The Woodlands, Texas was organized in April of 2009 for doing charity work in the local communities. Our Texas organization was formed by a charter group of 8 men in their senior years, who have a heart for doing volunteer charity work.

Each member has diverse and unique lifetime experiences that are called upon to be used collectively in order to identify and complete charity and volunteer projects in The Woodlands and greater Houston Texas area.

Charter members are shown in the photo to the right in the side column.

Overview of the Silver Fox Society Organization

The following categories of interest provide an overview of the Silver Fox Society organization, what it takes to get involved, and an introduction to our blog of Silver Fox Society News.


Our charity and volunteer mission is providing assistance in career and social issues, to attract members, and have a positive impact. Read more about our charity and volunteer mission.


Several volunteer and charity projects in Montgomery County, Texas, involve high school students, disadvantaged children, and local churches. Read more about our volunteer and charity projects.


People interested in joining the Silver Fox Society who meet the guidelines for our members are encouraged to apply for membership. Read more about our guidelines for members.


The Silver Fox Society inquiry and membership contact form allows site visitors to easily inquire about us or apply as a member. Read more about our inquiry and membership contact form.


The Silver Fox Society News blog provides information to members and visitors about our charity and volunteer events and projects. Read more on the Silver Fox Society News blog about our charity and volunteer work.

Get in Touch and Get Involved

Now that you know who we are and what we do it’s time to get in touch and get involved.

One thing members of the Silver Fox Society have in common is that warm feeling and sense of satisfaction doing charity and volunteer work. The smiles from people in need is very rewarding as they learn others do care and are willing to freely provide support in the community.

Being a Silver Fox and sharing your knowledge and experience is a good reason to get in touch and get involved today. We look forward to hearing from you!


Silver Fox Society Charter Members

silver fox society charter members
Silver Fox Society Charter Members

Activities We Support

bailey wyatt and horse at pci
Bailey Wyatt and Horse at PCI
Panther Creek Inspiration Ranch (PCI)